79 year old Madhukarbhai says he enjoyed his Bypass Surgery…

79 year old Madhukabhai only had diabetes and was managing his health well. He used to go for walks regularly. But one day he felt a little discomfort in his chest and his physician advised a check up, which eventually led to a bypass surgery of his heart at SAL Hospital by cardiac surgeon Dr Anil Jain.

“I have enjoyed my heart surgery,” he said with a bright smile. That summarized his hospital experience in SAL Hospital.

Madhukarbhai Parikh with his daughter Ms Anjali after he was shifted to his room from the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. He was very happy with his surgery and the hospital services.

Mr Parikh, who is still works for a while in his electrical and mechanical engineering business, said that he had heard about Dr Anil Jain the famous Heart Surgeon and he used to joke with his friends that it was better to know heart surgeons, what if you needed one one day?

That came true the day he was admitted to a hospital due to chest discomfort and blocks in his coronary artery were diagnosed on Coronary Angiography. Stenting would not work in his blocked arteries and he had to undergo a Coronary Artery Bypass Graft [CABG] Surgery.

So he was admitted and all went very smoothly.

“We had only one problem,” said his daughter Ms Anjali. “During his stay in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit [SICU] just after his surgery, we were not allowed to sit with him.”

But being an architect herself, Ms Anjali accepted the need for total isolation of the patient during his recovery. She was well aware of ‘CLEAN ROOM’ concept as she has designed hospitals and pharmacies. Not permitting patient’s relatives to meet helps prevent infection.

What Madhukarbhai liked most about his surgery was that it was done through a single wound on his chest. Blood vessels from his leg and wrist were not used. Called Bilateral Internal Mammary Artery [BIMA] bypass, this type of surgery gives the best long term results. Dr Anil Jain tries to do most of his bypass cases by this method.


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