FIve State of the Art CVTS Operation Theatres

After nearly three months of hard and efficient work of the maintenance and engineering department, the five state of the art Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery [CVTS] Operation Theatres and integrated CVTS Intensive Care Unit [ICU] were inaugurated. Now fully operational, the surgeons team has been utilising the facility for even better patient services.

CT Surgeons Operating

Cardiac Surgery in the new OT complex

State of the art Infra Structure

  • FIVE dedicated Cardiac OTs
  • Laminar Air Flow System
  • HEPA filters CLASS 100 Ambience
  • Stockert S5 Heart Lung Machines
  • KLS Martin LED Operating Lights
  • Angiography views in OT
  • Streamlined Lights for free airflow
  • Touch controls for lights & blinds
  • Hands free communications
  • Live transmission of Surgery
  • Linked 22 bed state of the art SICU

Hover your hand over the switch and the OT door opens


Pressure gauge to measure the higher air pressure in the OT, it is usually 15 Pascals


Hands free Clean Room Phone takes away the open wires of a conventional phone


This touch screen controls all the electric fittings of the OT and also the patient’s vitals


Speech TIme: L-R: CMD of SAL Hospital Shri Rajendra Shah, CVTS Surgeon Dr Anil Jain, CEO Shri Dilip Jain during the inauguration ceremony


Doctors and staff members from all departments witness the great milestone of the inauguration of the new CVTS facility.


The spacious CVTS Intensive Care Units exceed best hospital standards and offer plenty of day light which helps in speedy recovery.


SAL Hospital CMD Shri Rajendra Shah and his better half Mrs Raginiben perform aarti at the puja held to bless the CVTS ICU.


SICU and OT staff members, nurses, technicians and orderlies, share the blessings of the aarti.